About Me

“The Modern Being extends finely selected style for your vogue convenience and an effortless shopping experience. I enjoy pondering, visualizing, selecting and crowning fashion objects to enhance the existing. I do not receive any royalties or endorsements. I do this because it’s my natural love, seize it.”

Hello gorgeous. I’m Vana, born and raised in Cape Town, South Africa to passionate Greek parents, while currently living in the USA with my own modern family. A mutt or worldly? You choose. The unusual diversity of living in a Greek household and stepping out the front door to a South African culture as a child and later a young adult, forced me to be observant and mindful for the ease of survival in the respective nationalities. With my dad’s spunk and retail history, and mom’s natural majestic taste, mixed up with the geographical and cultural differences allowed me to melt and break the rules a little, inside the two worlds that I grew up in. I sensed that my definition of style had been given a license to enjoy visuals differently. This is why architecture, art and fashion are so embodied within me. It was this collision of cultures that formed my curious taste.

The importance of looking good has much sub-conscious power. It’s yours for the taking. “I believe the outside is just as important as the inside. Our parents teach us to be kind, well-mannered and pro-active. Looking good is so discounted. It’s paramount to be physically groomed, firstly for ourselves, and then for those who see us from the other end. It tells so much about us without words. Aesthetics, image, music, film, magazines, architecture, art and fashion mold and inspire us. The process is my oxygen.”

So let’s rock-n’-roll with style oozing. You, my dear, are looking gorgeous.

The Modern Being