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Crinkled Ruffled Dress

Crinkled Ruffled Dress
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Grab it while you can.  This one should go quickly.  
A fresh, affordable long, military green, Victorian styled
dress, to be used at the storms of celebrations that you have
to attend. From Thanksgiving to New Years, make that
Always looking polished with a rock-n-roll edge.
Working in the new spiffy dress while handing in
that huge project that your boss was expecting tomorrow.
While wiping the smile off your face, you slip the old
faded jeans on, under the dress, to meet friends for dinner after work.
Letting your hair down in the elevator
and calmly putting on some red, saucy lipstick while blowing
yourself a kiss.
"Hi guys, yes a double vodka with litchi juice please".
Looking good till you jump in the shower at the end of the day -
is a must.  Enjoy the drink.
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