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99% obsessed A-Line Dress

The Modern Being / 99% obsessed A-Line Dress

99% obsessed A-Line Dress

99% obsessed

A-Line Dress

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obsessed white

Clean, modern, graphic and young. Another

no-brainer. The white is so fresh.  Wakes

your look up.  Lovely with pale skin and shows

off your tan beautifully. Stunning summer dress.

Comfortable. We know that is rare in a girl’s

world.  Take it when you can get it. Can even be

worn in the work place with a pair of cropped

pants and furry slide-ons. Basically in any profession.

Shows your love for it.  In the art world, that will

get a few giggles. Out load or privately. Looking

younger without taking a risk.  Great style for

the days that you have nothing to wear.

Throw your hair messly up, with a refined clasp

and a great tote.  You’re ready for anything.

My motto is MIMO.  Minimal Input Maximum
Output.  This is it to a tee.  Minimal effort,

however looks put together for any occasion.

I might actually make it to work on time.

Sorry guys, gotta run.  Mmmmwwwaaaaaah.

short dress bottom


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March 2, 2017