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Alexa – Smarthome


Alexa – SmartHome

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alexaLife – easier.  Once again, this is a no-brainer. Your

voice is her command. She is a personal

assistant without the sass. Well, she has

some sass, but only on command.

You can order pizza, request an Uber ride

or order flowers.

Ask her to dim the lights, play your favorite

new band or the results from your

Fitbit. Ask her to wake you at 7:50am or

play Spotify with a 20 minute sleeper timer

when you want to doze off. What’s the weather

in Seattle, or the latest headline news. Set the AC

temperature by voice, define a word or ask

for a joke. Play dinner music and then turn it up

or down. Ask her about her new features.

I’ve always needed a personal assistant.

I now have one. Get one too. She is major

affordable. Making life easier is a biggie.

Enjoy this one. Alexa read my book.

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April 6, 2017