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dermalogica skinperfect primer spf30

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dermalogica skinperfect primer spf30


dermalogica skinperfect primer spf30

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dermato prime

Some of us are great at looking after our skin, some of us…well not so great.  It took me many, many years to realize that I do have to do something about my own skin for it to look better.  I finally went to a local Skin Guru and Aesthetician, Michelle, who put me onto this heavenly primer.  After she cleaned my face like no-one else ever has.  I walked out of her office touching my face all day long not believing that it was mine.  This morning I put on the moisturizer, as requested, and then followed by THE primer.  It feels like velvet and works magic.  My face doesn’t feel heavy and I put much less make-up on as a result of the clean and fresh look she gave me.  Yes….I also did clean my face the night before, which I sometimes do not do.  My 16 year old just told me that you loose 4 days of gorgeous skin every night that you don’t clean your skin.  Michelle, my Aesthetician, told me that at night is when your skin breathes, heals and grows, so blocking it with old make-up is not effective.  You’re doing yourself a disservice.  Formulated without artificial fragrances and colors.  I fell in love instantly.  Do your face a favor and treat it.  What’s cooking good-looking. Mother’s Day is coming up soon.  Treat yourself and your mom.

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April 20, 2017