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Mini Cooper

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mini cooper

A luxury, compact, economic,

and super good-looking car. A

car shows so much of who

we really are. Superficial, maybe...

maybe not. It's a transparent

view of what matters to us. It's

a huge part of who we are, and

what is important to us. From

the earth to performance and

safety to aesthetics. Bluetooth to

automatic wipers, little luxuries

that make for a smoother and

safer ride. Cheeky - all the way with

absolute and no apologies. Speed with

response and handling like no other

car that I have ever driven before.

Off-road, snow, highway or downtown.

It sneaks in anywhere and eagerly

awaits instructions to perform and

show-off for you. I have always loved

small cars, but I believe in living life

and it not costing a small fortune.

If I won the lottery and could buy

my dream car, what would

it be? Well, I already own it. Mini Cooper.

I don't work for Mini Cooper, nor do I get

any form of royalties or commission.

I'm simply a very happy Mini driver.

Go treat yourself.

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