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Serif Samsung TV

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Serif Samsung TV

Serif Samsung TV

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Normally people hate that big square, of a TV, making a focal point.  Which is exactly the opposite, of what we are trying to do.  This gorgeous, fresh new modern-retro Samsung can now be a focus, with absolute pleasure.  It’s made that ugly block into a simple and stunning statement.  Focal point anytime.  Works with modern perfectly.  Don’t get me wrong, black is my favorite, but the white looks so handsome.  This is a great design for the kid’s rooms.  Looks more casual.  Obviously, since it’s a Samsung the quality is perfect.  Kettle-corn for me please.  I’m going to get my blanki.  I don’t mind what we watch.  I love movies.   Sshhhhhhh it’s starting.

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March 23, 2017