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Subtle Pink Nail Polish

The Modern Being / Subtle Pink Nail Polish

Subtle Pink Nail Polish


Subtle Pink Nail Polish

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pink nail

Subtle, sophisticated.  Well groomed.  If your nails and hair look good, you can get away with almost anything.  It goes a long way and says a lot about you.  This is quite but polished.  My absolute favorite.  Clean and polished.  Even with pj’s you will look together.  Great color which will go with anything.  Girly but more pro.  Love the quite togetherness.  Always sport a great mani and pedi.  It will serve you well.  Yours hands are always in the picture of texting, typing on a keyboard for work or showing something.  Blowing a kiss with yummy nails and lipgloss. Mwwwwa.

pnk nals bottom


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February 19, 2017