Water-rower Rowing Machine Natural

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Water-rower Rowing Machine Natural

Water-rower Rowing

Machine Natural

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For the person who cannot do

without some physical activity.

I'm glad to say that number is growing.

Apart from the obvious physical

benefit of looking better, of

course you also feel

better. You may even be

able to go of that heart

and cholesterol medicine

with your doctors approval. Maybe

even fit into those vintage jeans

you have from the 80's. The mental

shower that comes from not having

to answer the phone, emails or texts.

It's your time, carved out for you,

just you. I need some time

to myself in the day, even if it's just

driving without music. Allowing me

to gather myself and breathe.

A whole body work-ut with a machine

that feels so natural, looks superb

and stows away easily if necessary.

Sweating the mind and body,

a mental holiday is a luxury

in this day and age. Treat yourself, spouse,

daughter, father...someone special who

deserves the bliss of you time.

Gotta' run, rather...gotta' row.

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