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Power Sexy Strappy High Heels

Power Sexy Strappy

High Heels

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f21-strapy-high-heelBeing a girl it hard work.  Guys have no clue
how much we bear during the day with all aspects
of being a girl.  An affordable, faux suede shoe with
a 4.5" heel, which comes in black, olive or nude, my new
favourite color.  The straps definitely add an element
of sophistication.  The outer cover gives you lots of hold, making
it worth working these power high heels, for your own
feeling of accomplishment, before anything else.
Whatever comes after that is simply, a bonus.
A sly smile, the drooling office geek, a lunch invitation
or a peak from the boss.  This one is a power shoe for
the office while taking you into the
evening, as a sexy shoe for dinner, or if you
can bear it, dancing.  Nothing much needs to be said here.
I am woman, hear me roar.

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