Pump Loafer

Pump Loafer

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chinese-laudrySo swanky, phenomenal for the office. Great power
shoe with a twist on tradition. 
Looks very Mozart who was everything but, traditional.
Once again keeping it interesting and young.
Any age group can pull this off with
the right attitude. The block heel
makes it comfortable to wear all
day long at the office and a touch of shimmer
takes it to the edge. No-one will
question your dress sensibility with this one. Strong
and good looking. The heel is 2.25" tall which
can easily be handled by most. Smiling at
how affordable this shoe is. A high-end look
for the everyday pocket. That's the name of
the game. Looking put together, mixing
and matching expensive with affordable. Click
on the photograph to go straight to the
shoes website. Time to talk those babies
off my office desk and head down to the
local bar to meet my friends for a
Silver Fizz Cocktail to match my shoes. Cheers twinkle toes. ;)

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