Roman Maze Pillow Cover

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wistheria greek pillow

So classic, modern and clean looking. The quality

shows and feels luxurious on your modern

or traditional sofa or bed.  A

simple change to update your home a little.  Easy and

fast.  Get at least three to tell a story and make a

statement.  Hand-embroidered wool on cotton. Crewel

design adds texture. Traditional graphic pattern adds

historical interest. Patterned on the unicursal Roman

maze (a form of maze design that is without

choice or branches), this pillow cover takes

inspiration from mosaic patterns that were

traditionally divided into four quarters. The fine

stitchery of the wool crewelwork on cotton

makes it a comfortable throw pillow that will add

graphic interest to your sofa or bed. It

promises a smile when gazing at it and one when you

feel and use it. Perfect to snuggle and binge-watch

your favorite show.

greek design bottom