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Black Faux Fur Trimmed Jacket

Faux Fur

Trimmed Jacket

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Every season, you have an item that you just love.
It works well with everything.  I think this is going
one of those items this winter.  It has, faux
fur trim, giving it a super-sexy look.  A little girly, and a lot of mischief.
The black jacket has long slimming elastic sleeves
a shell of 100% polyurethane and 3%
spandex, with 100% viscose backing.  The beauty is that you
can machine cold wash it.  This is not the item that will
perhaps last, more than a season, but it will give you
lots of wear, freshness and edgy look.  It's super affordable
and way worth the compliments.
For this sexy jacket simply
click on the photograph and it will take you straight to
the site to buy. Slip on the rock n' roll
looking jacket and meet that special guy.
Compliment guaranteed.  ;)
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