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The Girl on the Train Hardcover

The Girl on the Train
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So, the long anticipated week-end has finally
arrived.  Some excitement never hurt anyone.
There is something exciting about reading and
old-fashioned hardcover.   It is however available
in softcover and digital.
This down to earth thriller kept me awake at night.
I couldn't put it down.  The best part, for me, is that
the book is set in the suburbs of London.
Not living there makes it more exciting I guess.
This seemingly ordinary tale takes an unexpected turn.  Finished
it, love it.  So the other night I got super excited when
I saw that the movie was coming out.  I heard that the movie
is filmed in the USA, but that doesn't put me off
one bit.
Now released.

They say anticipation is half the fun.  It's been out
for a week.  I'm finally going to watch it.  Girls night out
sounds perfect.  Stay out of the shadows.

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