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Welcome to The Modern Being

See it, want it, buy it.


Welcome to TheModernBeing.  Vana studied Building &
Architecture in South Africa, with experience in Retail Design,
and later studied Graphic Design in the USA.  She would
naturally love to page through
magazines always keeping up with the latest 
styles in fashion, home, architecture
and the original meaning of industrial design.
Surfing the web only to discover many modern
clothes and lifestyle objects that she was unable
to buy.  So, she decided to make it easier
and created a blog where you could see it, want it and 
buy it hence,, the blog that takes you
straight to the source, letting you buy it easily.
We hope that you will have as much fun as we are, 
discovering these gorgeous items and obtaining them
if you so desire.  Fabulous for you, your home and
lifestyle.  Let us find the modern items for you.

Voila, TheModernBeing.
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