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Vintage Wooden Deluxe Scrabble Set

Vintage Wooden Scrabble
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Most relevantly, a visually pleasing deluxe vintage
Scrabble board is as classic as
it gets.  A Scrabble board-game, 
warm fire, snacks and wine.  Getting the
family away from wi-fi for a few hours,
Bonding with laughs and giggles not to
mention a little competition.  
This gorgeous Vintage Deluxe Scrabble Set is the
way to go.  Been 50% larger helps the older folk
to keep up.  The old-time craftsmanship with wood and
metal makes it an ornament in itself.  It's large at
26. sq" and 3" high.  What a gorgeous gift for
that someone who has everything.  You may even
get an invite to a personal challenge. 
Can I please have some marshmallows.
It helps me think, don't mind the causing of fumes.
 Kids, are you ready?
Ohhhh...I have some great "Z" words.
It helps being a wizard.  Good luck and cheers.
                                                                                                                                         Vana Shipton
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